Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Journal Project

I was recently invited by my friend, Elena, to join a 'circle of friends' journal project. I am so excited and honored to be invited. The project includes 14 artists total from around the world. The objective goal is to think about ourselves in our art. Who we are, where we are going, where we are now, etc. This project will take a year to complete with each journal traveling from person to person to add their 2 page spread. First their art, and second their bio, or info of themselves. The photo here that you see is my journal cover. I used the serendipity collage technique for the background using bright colors of tissue paper. Stamped swirls and fern. Then, layered frogs cut from tissue paper and colorful swirls, as well. Sealed with glaze. Then attached bookplates with the title "Me & My Friends" : "From Pad to Pad." The working is printed on acetate with gold leaf on the reverse side. The word 'pad' refers to each members residence and/or sketchpad of artwork. Since it is traveling from location to location. Such as the frog living on lily pad. Everyone knows I just love frogs. So I use them to create metaphor in my title and composition. Next, I will share the inside cover of the book. I just to finish it first.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tah. .Da And the Winner is. . .

Linda Hoetger of Canla Winchester, Ohio. You will be receiving the Asian atc created and offered in the give-away.

I want to thank those of you who commented and journeyed to my blog. Sorry for the late posting. But as you all know, I've been ill. Thank you all.

I have some great ideas coming to my head while I lay in bed resting. Can't wait to get a burst of good healthy energy and apply some of them into a creative moment.

Talk at you all soon. Hugs to all, JJ

Friday, February 20, 2009

Live or Let Die. . .

My intentions on keeping this blog going is a challenge. Whether sick, dying, or whatever, I hope to keep up.
My self challenge. I am currently working completing projects started throughout the past several months.
One of which is a dotee doll, St. Patrick's theme and some extra soldered slide mounts of various themes and sizes.
I hope to finish tomorrow during the day and get them posted for you during the weekend. It's all about focus, staying on track, and getting things done. It may not be hard for most of you, but with ADHD, it can sometimes be a little challenging for me. I tend to get easily sidetracked, and run out of energy. I will do my best. I love sharing with all my artsy friends and trading and giving. This is my motivation. My cyber friends. All of you. Hugs to all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Committment & Giveaway

I know I have been away from my blog for some time now. Just didn't have the ambition and energy. My depression, life, and illness got in the way. But I am feeling so much better. Thanks to everyone who has given support, especially to Elena for forwarding the positives in life and showing there is worse out there.
Today I am showing an atc I made while I got together with Saundra, Laura, and Raven. They are local friends who enjoy the same interests as I do and we get together whenever time and our lives allow. We had so much fun. Although it was just a few hours, the amount of fun and sharing outweighed the time element. I'm always surprised at what I learn from them. I, also, worked on some soldering projects, but not completed yet, so will show another time.
I've started a new part-time job and really enjoying it. Have lots to learn there and refresh on my mind's personal filing cabinet of do's and don'ts.
To start my committment of staying on target with my blog entries, I am offering the gift of my atc showing to day. Anyone who comments on my blog will be entered into a random drawing for the card. It's not much, but my big heart and the love of friends and art go with it.
Hope to see your comment sometime in the next couple of days. The winner will be selected on Sunday, February 22 at noon, Pacific Standard Time. Enjoy, share, and have fun creating.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dark Inspired Creations

In addition to playing with beeswax last week, I also created some atcs with tattoos given to me as challenges by my grandsons. I participated in a swap, 'Dark Inspired,' and found that I had the perfect opportunity to use them. Thought I would share the pics with you.

In the Mood

Last week, I decided to play with Beeswax. It was the first time playing with the beeswax here at home. I have taken a class, and created a collage on a canvas, but that was about it. Kind of different working with a smaller piece in making the atcs. Below are some that I created.

For this I placed the background, then layered on the focal image, layering wax in between and using it as an adhesive. Lastly, I added embellishments. Sealed the entire piece to complete the process.

A difference I did notice is that I used the beeswax pellets here at home in a small crockpot. The wax from the pellets tend to leave a milky appearance, which I really didn't want. In the class I participated in, we used chuncks of beeswax provided by the instructor, which dried cleared and actually smelled so more like beeswax. So you may want to experiment with different types of beeswax if you have the availability.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catch Up Day

Have today off and I plan on catching up on some long overdo projects that have sitting around here. I've posted photoS of my grandson's graduation. So very proud of him. He graduated May 15, 2008 Photo #1 is Jeffrey with his mother, Trina. #2 Jeffrey with great grandparents, Jessie and Ricardo (my parents). #3 Jeffrey holding graduation cake. #4 Jeffrey standing with me, his grandmother. It was a beautiful ceremoney, just hot, hot, hot. The degree was 105. Too hot for me to handle.